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The clothing and textile industry is one of the largest polluters in the world. There are tons of used clothing being thrown away by consumers daily, having a major effect on our planet and its future.

While we continue to develop our footprint as a brand, there are many steps you, our Posse, can also take to prolong the life of your Posse pieces. If we each begin to make these small changes we can inspire, educate and encourage others to make more conscious decisions as a consumer. 

How to care for your Posse pieces

  1.   Hand wash – opt for an eco-friendly detergent and hand-wash your garments in cold water.
  1.   Machine wash – if the garment is safe to be washed in a machine, we recommend a cold-wash cycle. This reduces the amount of energy being used and avoids shrink issues and fading.
  1.   Dry cleaning – some of our garments are ‘dry-clean only’. This means that they will not withstand the above washing methods. Opt for an eco-friendly, specialist dry cleaner to avoid your pieces from being damaged or cleaned with harsh chemicals. Be sure to take your own garment bags for collection, rather than opting for the single use plastic they provide.  
  1.   Flat Dry – if possible, try to avoid using a machine dryer and instead, lay your items flat to dry. This will save energy, eliminate static cling and is much better for your clothes in the long run.
  1.   Iron – We recommend ironing your pieces straight out of the wash while it's still slightly damp. If your piece is already dry, dampen by using a linen spray or water, then iron. Ensure to iron dark coloured linen pieces inside out to avoid shiny patches or fading.

How to pass on your Posse pieces

We embrace slow fashion and the practice of circularity. Our pieces are designed to last and in order to keep clothing out of landfills, we encourage you to pass on your pre-loved Posse pieces to give them a second life.

  1.   Resell – there are a number of websites where you can sell your pre-loved clothes such as eBay and Depop. Another great way to sell clothes is to host a stall at your local markets.
  1.   Swap – organise a clothing swap between your Posse or work colleagues.

  2.   Givesometimes the best way to pass on your pre-loved clothes is to simply gift them to a friend, charity or family member to help spread our posse mission.