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About Posse

We adopt
the 'less is more'

POSSE is a celebration of womanhood. Confident in simplicity, craftsmanship and classic modernity, we design for women from all walks of life, who dress for themselves.

POSSE comes to life through the women who wear it. Our customer has and always will be our forever muse; the way she interprets each piece, styles it and incorporates it into her everyday life is what inspires us the most.

Our collections are undefined by time. Each piece is designed to be loved and worn for years to come - to be borrowed, swapped, passed down and deeply cherished across a lifetime.

With a focus on elevated, feminine and wearable pieces, POSSE allows women to express themselves with a quiet yet powerful confidence.

Who We Are

Here at Posse, we adopt the ‘less is more’ philosophy. This idea has been embedded within our brand since its conception. We believe in the principles of slow fashion; an approach that aims to encourage consumers to invest in higher quality garments that have a better impact on our planet. Posse pieces are designed to last and it is our aim to produce the finest quality garments. Our pieces embody a timeless essence with the objective to hold a place in your wardrobe, and hearts, always.

We are working towards a brighter, more sustainable future and it is our mission to reduce our impact, across all aspects of our business. Good things take time, so this will be an ongoing journey over the coming few years. As a starting point, we have partnered with new suppliers who share the same ethos as we do, to manufacture responsibly and ethically.

We will continue to make improvements within our business and encourage you, our Posse, to take part in this journey with us. With less focus on the now and more focus on the future, we believe a difference can be made within this industry and we’re committed to a change for the better.

Our Mission

We always have the Posse Woman in mind

Here at Posse, we honour the principles of slow fashion. We strive to deliver conscious collections, with only a limited number of units being ordered per style. We will only reproduce items that are guaranteed a full sell-through or are part of our L’essentials range, which is our permanent collection at Posse. These limited quantities make each Posse piece utterly unique; knowing that you have acquired an item that very few others own is something we believe to be truly special. With a focus on natural fabrications, premium quality and mindful manufacturing, our aim is to create thoughtful pieces that are crafted to last.

Slow Fashion

Posse pieces are designed with intention. From the very first moment a sketch is drawn, to when the garment is brought to life in the reliable hands of our makers; each step of the design process is carefully thought out and considered. All of our pieces are designed in-house in Sydney and are then passed on to our incredible artisans in India and China to be produced.

With a focus on natural fabrications and ethical manufacturing, we are devoted to creating premium quality garments you can treasure.

When we’re designing, we always have the Posse woman in mind. She is quietly confident, with a sense of elegance. A lover of vintage, she is inspired by muses of the past. She is uncomplicated and enjoys the simple things in life. She is worldly, her home is filled with antiques and trinkets she has collected throughout her travels. She steers away from trends; her style is a reflection of who she is and what she stands for. She treasures her clothes; they hold sentimental value to her. Conscious of where her clothes come, she is mindful of her environmental footprint. She appreciates quality and invests in pieces she knows will last. She loves mixing and matching her clothes with vintage finds; a talent she is blissfully unaware of. A muse for her posse, she is utterly unique and creative in her own way.