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At Home With Lucy Williams

We recently had the pleasure of stepping inside Lucy Williams’ enchanting home, spending an entire day talking interiors, morning rituals and uncovering her go-to spots in and around London - all the while Lucy styled some of her personal favourites from our latest Spring collection.

Discover the world of Lucy Williams and shop her looks below.

Talk us through your morning routine.

I find routine difficult because every morning tends to be a bit different, so I tend to focus on little rituals rather than routine where I can. My husband very sweetly brings me a cup of tea in bed most mornings so I drink that while slowly waking up with my dog Finn on the bed. I’d love to say I wasn’t, but I’m normally on my phone pretty much straight away, checking my diary for the day and anything that’s landed in my inbox overnight. I make a big green protein smoothie or some Greek yoghurt with seeds and berries for breakfast while listening to a podcast. I’ll sit outside in the garden if I can and get a morning hit of daylight to get me going. After showering and doing my quick skincare routine, at least 3 or 4 days a week, Finn and I will head to the park for a morning walk and I’ll get a coffee en route too. I’d do that every day if I could but sometimes travel, deadlines and meetings can get in the way but I make sure to get outside and walk as much as I can.

What are some of your most cherished pieces around your home and why?

So much of the stuff in our house is vintage, antique or just squirrelled back home in my hand luggage from a holiday somewhere so there are a lot of cherished pieces that hold memories or just feel very irreplaceable. I love bringing back ceramics and pottery from places like Greece and Spain and finding old oil paintings or vintage plates to hang on the wall if we go away somewhere for a weekend. The art in our house is something I really love, as well as all of the books on our bookshelves - you see them over and over, day in and day out but they always make me smile.

You recently renovated your home in London. How did you find this process creatively and what lessons did you learn along the way? Is there anything you would do differently the second time around?

I actually ended up loving the process and really threw myself into every little detail of it. We renovated in 2021 and thanks to Covid, actually had plenty of time to dedicate to it because we weren’t really doing anything else. My tape measure and scale ruler became my best friend for about a year.

I definitely realised renovating a house is 80% admin, 10% figuring out your own taste and 10% fun. I think for a renovation to be really successful you do have to think about everything all at once so the practical stuff and aesthetic stuff work alongside each other rather than against each other. Thinking about furniture layout and paint colours before you even have a roof might seem like you’re skipping steps but without understanding how every room is going to be used, you can’t figure out your lighting, where you need sockets or where the sinks going to go. It feels like a game of jenga at times!

You’ve definitely got to learn when to pick your battles as well because not everything is going to be exactly how you wanted it to be or how you envisioned it. I’m definitely a perfectionist so I struggled with that a little bit but when you’re managing it yourself and dealing with a lot of different  contractors, you have to learn what to compromise on and what to fight for.

In your eyes, what makes a house a home?

I’ve always been a real homebody and having my own space to retreat to has always been very important. For me, it’s all about comfort and personality. You could have the chicest, most tasteful home in the world, but if it’s not filled with things that mean something to you and isn’t somewhere you look forward to spending time in, it won’t truly feel like home. Personally I like a bit of clutter and like spaces that lean into that rather than those that make you feel like you need to be immaculate all the time. This is where I think the self-analysis comes in when it comes to decorating because other people probably can’t relax in a bold blue living room! I think the beauty of a home is it being unique to you.

Your go-to spots for sourcing market-finds and vintage treasures?

I feel lucky that I’ve got some great spots near us in London. When we were doing the house I spent a lot of time driving to antiques markets around the UK like Ardingly and Kempton as well as seeking out local car boot sales wherever I was. I think it’s always worth popping into junk shops wherever you are too. Lewes and Rye are two of my favourite spots for rummaging for vintage and antiques. Online, I’ve bought a lot of pieces via Vinterior as well as finding the odd bit from online auctions (although beware of hidden costs and fees!).

If you had 24 hours in London, where would you go?

I love going out for breakfast so I’d probably go somewhere like Granger and Co for the whipped eggs, pancakes and coffee. A vintage browse in Portobello market and along golborne road in Notting Hill (I’d have to have a pastry from Layla while there too). A dog walk around Hampstead Heath or Richmond park with a stop by Petersham Nurseries and an early dinner sitting outside at The River Cafe followed by a late night movie and cocktail at The Curzon or Electric cinema. As you can tell, I am defying the geography of London in this fantasy 24 hours!